Mini Lamb Burgers

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is an idea for an easy “gourmet meal”.  Sometimes clever food assembly is all that one can manage.  I have been working on some consulting projects outside the home and have been feeling the “stretch and pull” of taking care of the kidlet, home (the laundry is piling up), feeding everyone the kind of meals they are used to and not dropping the ball at work.  That might be too many jobs for one person but this is the constant reality for many people.  It is tough to do it all without any outside help and often results in the complete annihilation of your social life and quiet, “take-care-of-yourself” time.

In order to prevent the quality of our meals from deteriorating, I have been cooking up some stews and soups in advance on Sundays, swapping food with others at the monthly food swap at 18 Reasons (every second Sunday of the month) and resorting to simple meals with some prepared items from the grocery store.  The key is to plan ahead, so you can put together a fantastic meal with minimal clean-up in around 30 minutes or less.

The “mini” lamb burgers came together quickly and were delicious.  I bought mini La Boulange brioche buns, prepared mini lamb patties with feta and herbs (both from Andronicos), whipped up a quick tzatziki (greek yogurt, mint, salt, pepper and lemon or vinegar) served with a side of oven roasted hash browns and simply baked asparagus.  Typically, I would make my own patties and salad and roasted spiced potatoes but this was a very satisfying substitute with much less fuss and mess.  On the adult burgers I added a smearing of calabrian chilli spread and Ria wanted her mini burger with goat cheese and every other cheese in the fridge.  Leftover brioche buns were used for school lunch of ham and cheese and were a super-hit.

10 thoughts on “Mini Lamb Burgers

  1. First….what a great picture, looks fantastic, And the flavors must be delicious. Loved the tzatziki idea. Have a great week girls. 🙂

  2. What a nice change from beef burger! It’s very cheeky of you to tease us with the photos of dripping cheese…..I would love to sink my teeth in these mini burgers…. like now!!! haha!

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