Just Banana Ice Cream (1 ingredient, minutes to make, no ice cream maker necessary)

We saw this recently on The Kitchn and wanted to test it for ourselves. I was dubious — could frozen bananas in the food processor be anything but “frozen bananas in the food processor”? Turns out this is surprisingly ice cream-like while being healthy, easy and most importantly, super FUN. This could never replace honest-to-goodness ice cream, but it guiltlessly satisfies a sweet tooth and is a handy dessert to pull out of your pocket when your favorite vegan comes calling.

Just Banana Ice Cream (adapted from, The Kitchn)

  • Slice and freeze ripe bananas 1-2 hours, or until solid. One banana per person is more than enough.You may not believe it, but it tastes quite rich so a small scoop is all you need.
  • Blitz the frozen banana slices in a food processor adding other flavors if you like — maybe a spoon of peanut butter, a drizzle of chocolate sauce or honey or a splash of vanilla. (I think Ria would go for Nutella). Just keep pulsing until the banana starts to look crumbly, then smooth. Test with a spoon to see if it scoops like ice cream. If not, pulse it a little more.
  • You need make this right before you want to eat it and serve it straightaway. It’s not one to make ahead.

9 thoughts on “Just Banana Ice Cream (1 ingredient, minutes to make, no ice cream maker necessary)

  1. So simple; looks so yummy – can’t wait to try this out! Great video & music – looking forward to more to come. Love the Got Swim? whale & Luca’s thumbs up. If he approves, then it’s officially tasty.

  2. Oh my goooooodness!!!! We just gobbled up our first batch of “Just Banana Ice Cream”. Used three seriously ripe bananas. Added a dash of vanilla. It was not a little yum, it was MAJOR yum! So good that we refused to put any toppings on it 🙂 Thanks for the fantastic idea!!!!!!

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