Chef Misha’s Home-made Kitchen Stove

I never bought Ria one of those fancy Pottery Barn kitchen ranges because they are too pricey.  I have secretly always wanted one (for both of us!) but I am not one to shell out that much money on a kid’s toy.  We crafted a really “cool” cooking stove-top out of a discarded box and stuck some paper knobs and stoves on it, patted ourselves on the back and called it a day.  I was quite pleased with my creativity and thriftiness until I saw the home-made kitchen stove above at Ria’s little friend’s home.

Misha’s grandmother made this for him with an inexpensive kitchen stool, some coasters, a basket she had lying around and some other odds and ends.  Misha is a lucky little kid and seems to come from some very creative stock. His dad is a winemaker at Vinum Cellars (they make some very yummy wines) and his mother is a graphic designer who reveals to me a new talent every time I spend time with her.  They are clearly Stacie’s kind of people and I am just a hanger-on, hoping their creativity rubs off on me. 🙂

Now, I have to somehow convince Stacie to make us a stove like the one above. Or suggest a joint crafting day with the kids, where she does all the work, and I stand around and smile and take credit for discovering this awesome home-made stove.

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