Yumminess Around Every Corner: Annakoot Food Truck

It was raining yesterday and we were out doing some Saturday afternoon puddle jumping in Golden Gate Park. We weren’t even thinking about food (for once) and yet, a little yumminess was just around the corner, literally. Behind the bandshell at the Music Concourse we happened upon the Annakoot food truck. Turns out a hot cup of chai and a warm, flavorful samosa were just the things to bring a little sunshine to an otherwise gray day. Too bad we had just scarfed down some dim sum, or we would have certainly sampled much more from their menu: mango lassi, vegetarian kofta, chicken paratha, naan….

But in our world there’s always room for one more samosa. That’s just how we roll.

What you can find at the Annakoot truck:

4 thoughts on “Yumminess Around Every Corner: Annakoot Food Truck

    • A great snack in a great venue. Not sure where else they park. I tried to look them up on Twitter and did not see them — so it remains a mystery for now. Will say that the samosa was spicer and the chutney tangier than i expected — which is an entirely good thing.

  1. Thanks for your comments on Annakoot. At present we are serving Golden Gate Park only all seven days from 11 am to 5 pm. Occasionally we go for Broadway Bites on Broadway and 45 street in Oakland on Fridays. Will have more information on us on different media very soon.

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