Move over Fro Yo & Bubble Tea, Here Comes Taiwanese Sno Ice!

We recently happened upon Taiwanese Sno Ice. A fun, kind of odd (well at least odd looking) sweet treat which is made by freezing a creamy base into an ice block then shaving it super thin and then topping it with cookie bits, mochi, sweet sauces, sweet beans and even, according to the menu, aloe vera and tadpole. Tadpole? I didn’t ask and I’m not sure I want to know about that one. Sno ice  is really light and airy while still being creamy. Luca talked me into the chocolate, but somehow I think the fruity flavors like mango would be the tastiest.

I’m making a predication right here and now that sno ice will be the next frozen dessert craze. It’s fairly low in calories compared to ice cream which mom likes and it looks like a crazy mochi spewing volcano which any kid would surely love. It’s a lot of fun to go through the extensive checklist of toppings and create a personalized sno ice masterpiece. I vote for the addition of gummi dinosaurs. How perfect would that be on a frozen chocolate mountain-scape? When the foodies out there get ahold of this one, I can only imagine the possibilities: salted caramel, balsamic reduction, wasabi sprinkles, cocktail inspired flavors. Just you wait, it’s coming and probably on a food truck.

We still love our fro yo, soft serve and bubble teas of course, but this is a fun new discovery definitely worth checking out. So far, I know of ony one place in San Francisco that specializes in sno ice, the very non-descript 37 Degress Cafe on Taraval way out in the outer Sunset, but we’ve heard some buzz about a place in Chicago called Cloud 9. Let us know if Sno Ice has landed where you live.

37 Degrees Cafe

1155 Taraval (between 21st and 22nd), San Francisco

7 thoughts on “Move over Fro Yo & Bubble Tea, Here Comes Taiwanese Sno Ice!

    • They use something like a plane on the ice so it sheets. The green tea version looks like a pile of wilted lettuce. It’s creamier than shave ice, but definitely the same family. You can’t get real Hawaiian style shave ice around here, so this might be the next best thing.

  1. Mmmm! There is a place called Snowee in San Mateo (on W 25th Ave) that sells sno-ice and fro-yo, too. The fro-yo is charged by weight, and the sno-ice is sold by the cup size (although, I’m not sure if you can add toppings for an extra price based on weight). Mochi is my favorite topping… yum! I think I may have to make a stop there today.

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