Kiddie Foodie Songs

I was recently looking for kiddie foodie songs and found some really good ones on the internet on various sites (one of them being Boston Children’s Music).  I was unable to find Putomayo Kids Presents: Picnic Playground on I-Tunes, but it seems wonderful like most of Putomayo Kids’ offerings (will be purchased soon!).  It may become my signature birthday present for kids!

Here are some food-related kiddie tunes we love:

Dirt Made my LunchBanana Slug Band.  We love this band and have seen them perform live. They sing about science and conservation and their tunes are pretty catchy!  We LOVE Butts Up by these guys, even though it has nothing to do with food.

Macaroni and Cheese – Ben Rudnick and Friends

Marshmallow Farms & Hot Chocolate – Recess Monkey (Album: Field Trip)

The Veggie Song – SteveSongs

Broccoli & Desayuno Boogie – The Spanglish Wrangler

Bluenanas & Banaberries – Vanessa Trien

Farmers’ Market, Broccoli Yet, Rutabaga – Flannery Brothers

The Garden Song, How to Make a Burrito, Everybody Likes Pizza – Andy Mason

We have been listening to these tunes over and over and are hooked.  Do let us know if you know of any others, so we can add them to our collection.  Great background music for a kids’ cooking class (Grilled Cheese Party that we recently co-hosted at 18 Reasons) or a kid’s birthday party!

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