Sketchbook: London

We recently got away (without the kids) for a week in London. It had been such a long time since I’d been there and the city (as well as the food) was more beautiful and vibrant than I remember. It’s hard to pick a favorite: strolling through gorgeous Hyde Park, catching the last ferry for a full moon ride along the Thames, lingering over tea at Fortnum & Mason, the excellent contemporary art collection at the Tate Modern or a proper “Sunday roast”, yorkshire pudding and all.

But if I must pick a favorite, it was the Borough Market (food-related of course) and our favorite of favorites was The Market Quarter’sΒ carnitas-like duck sandwich served out of a giant skillet on a simple roll, with just a few leaves of arugula and a very restrained dab of mustard. Seriously good.Β Neal’s Yard, the famed cheese shop just down the street wasn’t too bad either :). Even though the kids were busy getting spoiled by grandma and the rest of our family back home, I have a feeling they would have loved it too.

A few highlights from my sketchbook. What are your London must-dos and must-eats? I’m ready to go back!

[PS: I’ll post a photo of that awesome duck sandwich. Check back later this week!]

15 thoughts on “Sketchbook: London

  1. I LOVE your sketchbook!!! So inspiring. I’m always meaning to sketch while traveling. I always have my sketchbook. But so often I forget to… I’m so glad you posted yours. I really love it. What kind of pen do you use? And is that watercolor? Do you have a mini traveling paint kit? I brought my set when we went out to the island with some brushes, but did I use it???? Nope… Grrrr.
    Hope you had a lovely trip!

    • Thanks for your feedback….I usually only manage line sketches while I’m out and about… and attack my watercolors in down moments in the hotel room, on the plane or even after the fact back at home (it feels like a grown up coloring book!). My family gets pretty impatient with my dawdling, so I am getting better at fast sketching. Don’t give up! πŸ™‚

      I like the Faber Castell Manga Drawing Set for sketching pens, and The Winsor Newton Cotman Travel Set for watercolors. Whitelines has some cool notebooks with a very light gray ground and subtle white quad rule. Moleskine books are of course great too and more durable.

  2. Love the sketches, so evocative!! And a mini-trip by yourselves – so awesome! πŸ™‚ (I will be coming back to see photos of the duck sandwich: that sounds sublime.)

  3. Wow, these are fantastic and I thought your Tower of London was fab… so sad I missed tea at Fortnum & Masons, you make it look so yummy!

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