Infused Liquors

Another one for the grown-ups.  I am not being super kid-friendly these days (sorry!) – first Chilli Sambal and now infused liquors.  This is not a project for the kids or one to do with the kids.  I was making “my moonshine” around little kids – bad idea!  When Ria’s friend who happened to be around asked me what I was doing, I was stumped.  “Uhhhh…ummm…I am making infused vodka.  It’s for a grown-up drink, you can’t have it.”  Totally ungraceful and led to more questions that I could not answer.  Tough to tell kids that something that looks this beautiful, “healthy-looking” and colorful is not for them :).

I have been plotting to make jar upon jar of these infused liquors ever since I read about the idea in Bon Appetit Magazine.  I have a giant bottle of vodka from Costco and I am borrowing some jars (Lender will get some “moonshine” in return).  I got started with strawberry vodka and mango tequila.  You have to let the flavor infuse in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks, which is the only downside of this project.  You need to be patient, which for an instant-gratification-kind-of -gal is a tough one.

Other suggestions from Bon Appetit are:

Apricots + Eau de Vie

Figs + Bourbon

Jalapenos + Tequila

Pineapple + Rum

Beets + Vodka

Cherry + Vodka

Watermelon + Vodka

With all those peaches, plums and nectarines about to come our way from our Frog Hollow CSA, the possibilities are endless.  This also makes the perfect hostess gift.  The rate at which I am going, I better get invited to some parties real soon.

Back to kid-friendly recipes and ideas.  Sometimes mummy and daddy just need a break (drink).

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