Beach Hut

The Beach Hut on the East Beach in San Francisco is a place we frequent regularly.  On a sunny day, with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Marin Headlands and the shimmering, inviting bay, there are few better places in San Francisco to have lunch with kids.  As you munch on your sandwich, you can’t help but think, “Life is good.  And we are lucky to live in such a beautiful city.”

We love the “Small Hands Meal” at the Beach Hut.  It consists of a choice of sandwich (peanut butter and jelly/honey/banana, turkey and jack cheese, grilled cheese, tuna), organic juice or milk and carrots.  Not a gourmet meal but a great deal at $5.50 and relatively healthy.  There are plenty of options for the grown-ups as well but we are suckers for the Straus organic tart frozen yoghurt with toppings.  The yoghurt is low on sugar and made from some of the best milk around, so a wonderful “treat” for everyone.

Nibble away on your lunch, soak in the priceless view, hope the wind doesn’t blow you away and let the kids run around and explore.  This is the stuff of childhood memories.

8 thoughts on “Beach Hut

  1. There is nothing better than sharing time w your kids. Throw in a nice view and some healthy snacks and I am THERE! I’ve never been to SanFran (though my husband had the pleasure of visiting once and assures me it is beautiful!) – thanks for the lovely photos.

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