Volcano Curry

There is some debate among our family as to who “discovered” “Bolcano Curry” (as Ria calls it).  Usually, I am the one who finds all the cool places to food adventure to, but I am going to concede and give this one to my hubby.

In the cold, foggy depths of the Inner Richmond (19th & Geary) this pint-sized restaurant serves some of the best Japanese curry I have ever had.  This is true comfort food for us and we find ourselves drawn back way too often.  This place manages to be kid-friendly as well as it offers their curry in four levels of “hotness” – “mild”, medium”, “hot” and their namesake, “volcano”. I dare you to try “volcano” – I have seen a good many “chilli heads” sweat and tear up. 🙂  In a city where truly spicy food is a tough find, this place is a God-send for those of us who crave searingly hot food from time to time.

Japanese curry is known to be less aromatic, slightly sweeter than Indian and Thai curries and is thickened with a roux.  At Volcano, they cook their curry base for 8 to 10 hours and then they let is sit overnight to allow the taste to develop.  This is apparently the traditional way to make Japanese curry.  The menu is simple but the “combination” possibilities are endless.  I am huge fan of restaurants that make just a couple of things but do them exceptionally well.  They care about their craft at Volcano and it shows.

Ria loves this place as well and orders her curry at the “mild” level.  If all fails with the kids – get the curry on the side and give them some deep fried chicken katsu and rice.  Perhaps a potato croquette on the side.   Don’t let the name of the restaurant or my obsession with hot food lead you to believe that you cannot ‘venture here with your kids.

If you want to try and make your own Japanese curry at home try this Pork Curry from one of our favorite bloggers, Nami at Just One Cookbook.  I am going to try this one soon.

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