How Not to Destroy Your Phone or iPad While Cooking in the Kitchen

I am the queen of destroying, losing and otherwise maiming iPhones which is a real problem because I love having my phone close at hand when I’m tinkering in the kitchen. They are so handy for looking things up, using a cooking app, listening to a podcast or monitoring calls and emails. Unfortunately there are just so many ways to destroy a phone in the kitchen, especially while cooking alongside a little chef with just as much of a tendency to spill as mom.

Here’s a quick, no-special-equipment-needed and totally low-tech remedy. Just pop your phone or iPad into a zip lock bag, seal it closed and you’ve got a pretty effective buffer against messy hands and whatever spillage may come your way. The touch screen and sound will work perfectly (I think I watched an entire season of Mad Men through a ziplock bag). I’ve found this is also a handy trick in other situations where iphones and unfriendly substances might meet. While feeding grabby, covered-with-food babies or in the garden when you’re up to your elbows in dirt just  to name a few.

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7 thoughts on “How Not to Destroy Your Phone or iPad While Cooking in the Kitchen

  1. Great idea. I heard great advice recently from the editor of CNET that if you get liquid in your iPhone (or any pda), open it up and put it in rice. Rice will absorb much of the liquid and works in many cases.

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