Old School Milk

We recently bought this lovely glass bottle of milk from Bi-Rite in large part because I loved the bottle.  I am a marketer’s dream come true, according to my husband.  Anything “vintage”, especially in the food arena and there is no stopping me.

I must admit I was “nervous” to give my little munchkin “raw milk” which is essentially milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized.  There is a pretty big debate out there about whether raw milk is safe or not, whether it is better for you or not etc.etc.  Frankly, I don’t really care or want to get caught up in the politics of it all.  We drank it, we loved it and we survived :)!

Ria described it best – “This milk tastes like milky mozzarella”.  An indulgent treat, a throwback to when milk wasn’t reduced fat, the cream floated to the top and it came in a lovely glass bottle delivered to your doorstep.

8 thoughts on “Old School Milk

  1. So you can buy raw milk right at the store there? It’s illegal where I live. I’ve heard great things about raw milk, but I’ve never tried it. I’m sure it’s delicious. If I was going to drink cow’s milk, it’d probably be of the raw variety. Oh, yeah, if it was legal where I live. 😉

  2. I picked up some raw milk recently too. I ended up using most of it to make ricotta for a ravioli filling. Both the milk and the ricotta were delicious. [BTW ricotta is so easy to make and worlds better than any kind you’ll find in the supermarket. I’ll share our ricotta experiment soon.]

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