Hot Day Cool Down – Fluffy Snow

My list of places to try with (and without munchkin) is about a mile-long but somehow Fluffy Snow made it to the top of our list.  It might be because we have been having such glorious warm weather that a cool treat is most welcome. I know I just jinxed the San Francisco weather by calling it “glorious”.  If it is foggy or rainy tomorrow, go ahead and blame me.

Fluffy Snow, which for some reason I was calling “Snow Bunny”, is located in the Sunset (1314 Noriega Street).  An odd location for a frozen treat shop given how foggy it is out there. However, it worked out wonderfully for us – bright sunshine and easy parking right in front of the shop, which seems to be transplanted directly from an Asian country (I grew up with plastic lime green restaurants/shops and they make me nostalgic for home).  We were also expecting a Hawaiian shave-ice kind of concoction and their signature item, called “Snow Ice” isn’t quite what we were ready for.  That doesn’t mean we didn’t like it or that it was bad – just unique.  Their site does sell it as “probably the most unique frozen treat that you could possibly imagine”.

The snow ice is sort of flaky, cottony, shaved ice-cream-like.  We shared (more like I had two bites and the kiddo ate the rest) a mango snow ice topped with strawberries, diced mango and condensed milk.  I grew up eating Ice Kachang (Asian shaved ice) topped with condensed milk and it is match made in heaven.  Ria gave it a two thumbs up and inhaled her after-school snack. But then, if it is sweet, she will eat it.  We plan on returning soon to try their ice-slushies and chicken wings.  Unique place indeed.

5 thoughts on “Hot Day Cool Down – Fluffy Snow

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