Happy Dungeness Crab Season… and A Pint-Sized Tour of Pillar Point Harbor

Dungeness crab season is back ‘yall and we’ve had crab on the brain in a big way. Last week we decided take a drive down to Pillar Point Harbor, just south of San Francisco near Half Moon Bay, to check out the scene. It’s a really fun place to visit because it’s a busy, working harbor and during crab season you’ll see a whole lot of crab boats loaded up with gear, and fishermen coming and going. As boats come in, you’ll probably also see pelicans, seagulls and sea lions tailing behind hoping for a snack.

There are a few places right in the harbor to grab breakfast or lunch and be sure to stop by Mavericks Surf Shop to check out the big wave boards. And if you have time to make a whole day of it, there are tons trails and beaches to explore nearby. We like Half Moon Bay’s Purisma Creek Redwoods because it offers easy, kid-friendly hiking and excellent banana slug viewing on misty days.

But don’t take my word for it. Click on the photo to hear Luca’s narrated slideshow of our Pillar Point Harbor Tour. Now all I need is my husband’s grandmother’s cioppino recipe!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Dungeness Crab Season… and A Pint-Sized Tour of Pillar Point Harbor

  1. I enjoyed your nice little write-up on the harbor here. We’re still holding out for those crabs though! I’m going to post a link to your entry on our Facebook page.

    Carina Woudenberg
    Restaurant Correspondent
    Princeton Seafood Co.

      • If you don’t feel like cooking cioppino we will be serving it at Princeton Seafood once the commercial season opens. (any day now we hope!) We will also cook any crab and crack and clean it if you buy from our local fishermen.

        Thanks for a great post and hope you visit our harbor again very soon. I loved the talking photo.

        “Like” us on Facebook and you will be in the know about the goings on at our harbor.

        Mary Botham
        Princeton Seafood Co

  2. Oh, is it really the start of the season!? How could this slip by me, I nearly forgot! I can’t wait for my first morsel of crab 🙂 I have never watched the fisherman head out, I would love to do this!

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