We Love Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous!!

We love Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous for a post school snack (or otherwise).  It’s a mouthful for the little ones to say (which might be part of it’s charm), but they quickly realize that if your Mummy is taking you there – all is good!  For a while there we were going twice a week, till it started to show on our waistlines. We are currently on a Mr & Mrs M. hiatus. 🙂

The Dogpatch is ground zero for many things hip in our city.  Down the street is the very cool Piccino housed in a bright yellow building.  We showed up with kids and caused some “confusion”, so not quite on the list of kid-friendly places.  But perhaps a good date-night spot.  If you want to be served by some of the best-looking waitstaff in the city, you don’t want to miss this place.  Stacie and I were befuddled by the telegenic good looks around us.  The requirement to work here seems to be “gorgeous-looking, very slim, twenty-something with an ever-so-slight attitude”.  They are far friendlier at Mr and Mrs M. and gave Ria free sprinkles on top of her chocolate malted crunch ice-cream with fresh whipped cream.  They took pity on her while we were arguing about how she could only get one topping and had to choose between whipped cream and hot fudge.  She wanted sprinkles, which are not an option – I cannot/will not pay a dollar for sprinkles!

The flavors are intriguing, not as “out-there” as at Humphrey Slocombe and hence far more kid-friendly.  Think flan flavor, peanut brittle, gingersnap, early gray tea, bourbon and brittle, lemon drop etc.  The flavors are always unique and different and if you are a creature of habit this is not the place for you.  Grab a scoop or a sundae with some home-made hot fudge sauce or Valrhona chocolate crispies.  If you are feeling indulgent, treat yourself and get some cookies or peanut brittle to go with your ice-cream.

The space is spectacular.  White walls, high ceilings with an industrial, minimalist, open feel.  Get your ice-cream, grab a spot on the long wooden communal tables and watch the Muni trains go by while you enjoy some of the best ice-cream San Francisco has to offer.

Hmmm…..might have to call an end to that hiatus.

3 thoughts on “We Love Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous!!

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