Easy & Quick Teriyaki Vegetables

It’s that time of year when everyone is over-indulging and as soon as the year turns, we’ll all the hitting the gym (I hate how gyms are over-crowded in January!) and giving up eating practically everything.  January has come early for us and when not a party over-indulging, we are making an extra effort to eat at home, eat less sugar and eat generally healthier meals.  These teriyaki vegetables are on regular rotation along with steamed fish.  I have a stash of home-made teriyaki in the fridge and it is coming in handy these days.  Teriyaki vegetables with perhaps some tofu, on top of sushi rice, makes a pretty satisfying (and healthy) meal.

4 thoughts on “Easy & Quick Teriyaki Vegetables

  1. We tend to eat a lot of heavy food and lots of sweets this season and some simple food like this is really nice and comforting. How come you use “sushi” rice (= vinegar rice) instead of regular rice? Does the vinegar add nice flavor to teriyaki flavored veggies (I only use sushi rice for sushi)?

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