Dumplings & Sugar Egg Puffs Rock at Shanghai Dumpling King

We visited Shanghai Dumpling King a while back, but I never got down to writing about our adventure to this mecca of dumplings in the Richmond.  Perhaps what we remember more than the dumplings, are the baseball sized sugary egg puffs.  Probably best described as a Chinese take on a donut, but far superior.  Fresh out of the fryer, they are light and airy and disappear in your mouth.  It is tough to stop at one, and even harder to tell your children to slow down as you stuff your face with this delightful treat.  As I describe them, I am starting to desperately crave some. 🙂

Ok, back to dumplings since the restaurant is really about dumplings.  Ria and I love Shanghainese dumplings (known as xiao long bao) which this restaurant specializes in.  Xiao long bao is a dumpling full of soup and minced meat.  It took me a good many years to figure out how the soup got into the almost translucent dumpling.  Then finally after years for being befuddled (this was before the world wide web could answer almost every question one had), a dear friend told me that they freeze the meat and soup in cubes and envelope it with the dumpling.  Genius!  The heat from the steaming melts the “ice cube” and it becomes the soup that explodes in your mouth when you bite into a xiao long bao.

Aside from a wide array of delectable dumplings, the traditional Chinese food is pretty good as well.  We are partial to scallion pancakes, kung pao chicken and absolutely love the wok-fried string beans.  We haven’t been back for a while and writing this post, is making we want to be there right now!

4 thoughts on “Dumplings & Sugar Egg Puffs Rock at Shanghai Dumpling King

  1. I need to check this restaurant out! If you come down to Peninsula, there is a new HK cafe/restaurant in Foster City called Cooking Papa. They have great food (it’s crazy popular) and really delicious egg puff too! We’re going down to LA this weekend and hoping to go to Din Tai Fung to eat Xiao long bao again! Thanks for the recommendation of this restaurant!

  2. Simran – I think we need to have a family dbl date at this restaurant. I don’t think it was there when I lived in the Richmond Dist. and it sounds like my kind of place. I’ll have to go w/ the kiddos.

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