Play Time Potsticker Craft

Gung hay fat choy & happy year of the dragon!

To get into the New Year spirit, we came up with this little play time potsticker craft, cobbled out of  some scrap fabric we had lying around. These potstickers are sealed with velcro making them fun little pouches for storing your special knick knacks. In Luca’s case, that means a few sticks of gum — or maybe that first tooth for the tooth fairy when the day finally comes. Do you think the tooth fairy likes pot stickers? A paper version, sealed with a glue stick, would be a fun little wrapper for a small gift.

We were loving our faux potstickers, so we decided to keep going with our Chinese take-out theme. We cut out some circles of fabric to stand in for our dipping sauces (dark brown for the standard soy-vinegar sauce and some fun red fabric for either chili sauce or ketchup depending on your taste), a few shreds of green fabric for sliced scallions, and muffin papers as containers to hold our sauces. To complete our tableaux we grabbed a pair of bright orange chopsticks, wrote up an order slip and decorated a paper Chinese take-out container with our restaurant logo “Lucky Potsticker Co.”

When we finished our pretend snack and had a chopsticks lesson, we tucked everything into the take out container and put it away for next time. We are already scheming about what to create next.

Play Time Potstickers

  • A small bowl or cup (about ~5″ diameter) to trace a circle pattern
  • 6″ square light colored scrap fabric
  • 6″ square of lining fabric
  • 5″ x 3″ scrap of brown fabric.
  • 4″ sew-on hook and loop closure (velcro) — we had a strip 3/4″ wide and cut it half lengthwise so this is enough for 2 potstickers
  • thread, needle and pins

Instead of writing up a complicated instructions, I made a little slideshow to show you how to make these. Feel free to get in touch if you need more details.

[PS: I found this great article by author Amy Tan about making pot stickers with her sisters and it includes her family recipe. Enjoy!]

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