Favorite Food Find: Kishu Mandarins @ Bi-Rite

We keep going back for more and more of these tiny, very cute and supremely sweet Kishu Mandarins available at Bi-Rite Market.  I bought a two pound bag (third one of the week) and went to pick Ria up from school and by the time we got home, I had only four mini Kishus left.  Her little friends at school kept asking for more after I gave them a taste.  And how can you say “no” to little kids begging for fruit?  They make the perfect snack for recess.  According to Ria, her little friends are talking about these Kishus at snack time and asking her where she bought them, so their Mommies can buy some for them.  Thank you Bi Rite for sourcing these! 🙂

And “Oh My! I just wanna Kishu” has become a favorite phrase at home before we smack a big, wet one someone!!!

5 thoughts on “Favorite Food Find: Kishu Mandarins @ Bi-Rite

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