Get Your Kids in the Kitchen & Garden!

There a bunch of kids cooking events sprouting up all over the Bay Area.  There seems to be a growing interest in educating our young children in the culinary arts.  Like most things, if you start young, children are more likely be into cooking and eating right.  In fact, with my sample size of one, I have noticed that if kids are involved in the “creative” process of cooking, they are more likely to eat what they helped make.

Everyday Knife Skills Class for Kids at Bernal Cutlery

We recently ambled into Bernal Cutlery and met up with the folks who run it.  In addition, to owning a very cool business, they periodically run some wonderful classes for children and adults.  The class that caught our attention was the Knife Skills Class for children.  The class is for ages 6-11 and will be taught by Tia Harrison, executive chef and co-owner of Sociale, founding member of the Butchers Guild and co-owner of Avedano’s Holly Park Market.

The class will cover:

  • Knife safety and cutting rules
  • Lessons on how to properly handle a knife
  • Basic cutting techniques
  • Making simple cuts and prep of a quick dinner/recipe to take home

The classes will be at Bernal Cutlery on 331 Cortland Avenue on 3/23/2012 and 3/25/2012.  More details and tickets can be found here.

18 Reasons Cooking and Gardening Summer Camp 

We aren’t teaching this one but wish we were or at the very least that our kids were old enough to attend what has got to one of the “funnest” kids cooking and gardening camps right here in the city.  18 Reasons in their collaboration with Sanchez Elementary School are organizing an “All Plant Parts Cooking and Gardening Summer Camp”. Perfect for the budding farmer and chef, this day camp will focus on the science and art of growing and cooking edible plants.  They will start with seeds and roots, and make their way up to stems and then out to leaves and flowers.  Each day campers will get their hands dirty both in the garden and the kitchen, and use lessons from both to make their own snack and lunch.  This means no need to pack a snack or lunch for your kids.

What: A four-day summer camp that teaches students about the science and art of growing and cooking food, from the root to the flower.
Who: entering 4th-6th graders (ages 9-12)
When: May 29-June 1, 2012, 8:30AM-2PM
Where: Sanchez Elementary School, Sanchez St between 16th and 17th St, San Francisco, CA
Cost: $325 ($300 for 18 Reasons members and for siblings) * includes all snacks and lunches.
Teacher: Camper ratio: 1:4

You can find more details and purchase your kids’ spots here.

Our “A Little Yumminess Around the World” Summer Camp in collaboration with 18 Reasons is sold out (yay!!) but if you want to get on the waitlist, please email

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