Two Gems in the Richmond

These days the little one and I don’t have a lot of time to explore new places or go on enough food adventures. School, work, lack of time, other everyday “boring” activities seem to be interfering with our eating and exploring.  However, from time to time, we come across some eateries that we are delighted to discover and for a period of time keep going back to.

Roadside BBQ in the Richmond is one such place.  What drew us there initially was the pulled pork sandwich, which was Number 85 on the Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die a few years back.  Doused with habanero Tabasco (which I have not been able to find anywhere else), topped with cool vinegary coleslaw and a side of sweet potato fries, this dish is worth trekking to the Richmond for.  Little one will eat shreds of pulled pork (without Tabasco), but it is far more entertaining to watch her gnaw on ribs with a whole bunch of missing teeth. (Cruel on my part!).  If your children are not into ribs and pulled pork, they have a killer mac and cheese and corn muffins.  Their little wranglers menu, I actually approve of, in spite of my general disdain for kids’ menus because it is mainly smaller portions of the regular menu.  We don’t have too many BBQ joints in SF and if you are hankering for some meat (it happens to the best of us sometimes), this is the place to hit.

If you have room left after stuffing your face with barbeque, waddle over to Genki Crepes and Mini Mart.  We often head to Genki for an after school snack of a nutella crepe and sometimes ice-cream and whipped cream if the munchkin has “been good”.  The mini-mart part of Genki is intriguing.  It’s packed to the brim with fascinating Japanese snacks/treats and kitsch that children (and some adults) love.  Warning: if you can’t talk your kids out of begging for kitschy stuff, don’t venture to this place.  We enjoy walking the aisles exploring while waiting for our crispy chocolate-y crepes.

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