Deep, Dark and Delicious: Lotta’s Bakery Gingerbread

A random detour down Polk Street, a serendipitous parking space right in front – it’s like destiny was telling us that it was finally time to try the gingerbread at Lotta’s Bakery. The bambino and I hastily parked, scooted in, and managed to conjure up just enough will power to hold off devouring that deep, dark gingerbread until after lunch.

This is no dainty spice cake. Inky and dense, you can almost taste the sulfur in the blackstrap molasses and I mean that in the best possible way. Truly divine with a bowl of cool applesauce.

Lotta’s Bakery – 1720 Polk Street (between Clay and Washington streets), San Francisco

6 thoughts on “Deep, Dark and Delicious: Lotta’s Bakery Gingerbread

    • This is he perfect cake for me — more spicy than sweet and no frosting required. A cake for people who don’t like cake? I hear Lotta’s bakes from David Lebovtiz’s much beloved ginger cake recipe so I’ll be tracking that down pronto.

    • I’m not a sweeet, gobs of icicng cupcake person. To me this is perfect. The setting for the bakery is a ticky tacky, antiques-filled shop, and the owner Earl is really friendly and fun. His muse is early movie star Lotta Crabtree.

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