“Secret Recipe”: Lunch Wraps

All that Food Network watching seems to be paying off for my little one.  Ria is starting to “invent” what she calls “secret recipes”.  She was talking about this one for a few weeks and kept telling me the ingredients she needed, without quite telling me what she was going to make.  I had a pretty good idea what the “secret recipe” was but I played along and pretended to be befuddled by the ingredients.  Once we had everything, she described what she was going to do, and I like any good parent let her believe she “invented” this lunch wrap.  Not very innovative or “secret”, but she thinks she came up with it and I am letting her run with it.

Young children can probably make this one all by themselves.  Ria often makes a mess (grated cheese on the floor, hummus on the table etc.etc), but she is now old enough that she can clean it up herself.  She managed to prepare and pack her own school lunch and interestingly enough, did something Ms. Chatterbox is notorious for not doing…finishing her school lunch.  We also made it to school on time that morning which was the biggest wonder of all.  From time to time, I have decided I am going to let her make her own school lunch.  Especially, if it gets eaten, unlike most of the lunches I make her.

She is working on variations of the recipe and has promised me she will make me one and include tons of veges.  Thanks munchkin – but you need to eat your vegetables, not me!  Another summer project for us is to compile all of her “secret” recipes in a little cookbook.  This one is particularly easy – tortillas/lavash, hummus, grated cheese and sliced ham all rolled up.

Do share some your ideas with us of what you think your children will like in their “self-made” wraps.

3 thoughts on ““Secret Recipe”: Lunch Wraps

  1. love Ria and love that she is such a jr. foodie……she will be teaching us all some new tricks with the ingredients we have at hand…………Simran, you are the best! love Nancy

  2. I have to stop here…I need to go to the fridge RIGHT NOW…cheers for one of the most entertaining and delicious early mornings rss feed reads in ages… sorry to all my other blogs…no time to read you today, you can wait, a Saint has called me! 😉

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