Recipe Collection: Care Packages and TLC Meals to Deliver to Friends

This week we contributed to an article in San Jose Mercury News about homemade meals to bring to new parents.  The article, “Taco boxes and dinner delivery ideas for new moms” includes some great suggestions including the how-to on a fun taco box from Apartment Therapy’sThe Kitchn” blog.  (We’re stealing this idea for sure!)

Speaking from personal experience, the gift of a fuss free meal made with love is one of the most welcome things you can receive when you’re stressed out and sleep deprived. For that matter it’s a wonderful gift for anyone you know who could use a little TLC.

Here are a few meal delivery basics and a collection of some of our favorite resources and recipes to make and take.

  1. Venture beyond the expected. Lasagna always comes to mind in these situations, and that’s why Simran suggests going for something like curries, spiced lentils or tandoori chicken.
  2.  Call in advance to find out a good time to drop your meal off and if you’re unsure, to find about any food restrictions.
  3.  Minimum effort for the recipients is the key. Choose things that can be eaten straight from the refrigerator, at room temperature or with just a quick reheating. Think about portioning and packing food into servings that can be eaten right away or stashed in the freezer. Include information about the dish as well as reheating  or cooking directions on each package.
  4.  Dinner is great but breakfast, lunch and snack care packages are fantastic too.
  5.  Delivering food in containers that don’t need to be returned is a big “yes” and if you have leftover party plates, napkins and utensils, consider throwing some in to make things really quick and easy.
  6.  Make it fun and festive by tucking in flowers, music, a magazine, or a little special something for an older sibling. And you can never go wrong going the extra mile with cookies or an interesting beverage including beer or wine if appropriate.
  7. Invite the kids to help assemble, decorate and deliver the care package to let them share in the experience of giving.
  8.  If you don’t have time to go homemade…. semi-homemade or store bought is just as thoughtful.

 Ideas for Complete Meals

Breakfast, Lunch, Anytime Snacks and Treats


Other care package recipe round-ups to check out:

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