We Love Wings @ Hot Sauce and Panko

Thanks to SF Weekly for deciding that Hot Sauce and Panko in the Richmond serves the best wings in the city, otherwise we may have never discovered this fantastic hole in the wall.  As soon I read about this place, we had to check it out right away.  With a menu (which changes regularly) like the one below, how can one resist?

ten-spice – we use 10 spices instead of 5 + garlic + ginger, coated + triple-fried resulting in a “pomme souffle effect” (triple fried?? – wow!)

bulgogi – korean marinated bbq sweet soyu sauce + coated and triple-fried

hiromi’s katsu – this is our “go-to” fried chicken + panko breaded + double-fried + tonkatsu sauce

fiery hot fried wings – this is kick your butt HOT! special mix of ground chili paste + turmeric + garlic + ginger + black pepper + fried and baked

herb crusted panko – our herb blend intergrated into the panko breading + double-fried + spicy soy sauce

buffalo – based loosely on the buffalo wing from buffalo, new york. Served – hot medium mild or hot sweet + not coated

kfc – korean fried chicken – garlic + ginger + soy s. + gojujang + vinegar + sesame oil + blue agave + coated and triple-fried

green – cilantro + jalapeno + ginger + sesame oil + house spice mix

megumi’s garlic parmesan – butter + garlic + onion salt + blk pepper + parmesan cheese + not coated

portuguese wings – tomato ketchup + ketjap manis + red wine vinegar + honey mustard + tabasco + curry powder + cumin + lemon

Sides: shoestring fries, sweet potato fries, whole house pickle, potato salad, breaded clam strips, onion rings and macaroni salad

We bought far too many wings and all of us (munchkin included) way over-ate.  The hubby passed out right after lunch and even blamed me for discovering this place and making him over-eat!!??!  Be warned, eating too many of these wings will make you a bit silly and induce immediate sleepiness.

We converted our wings into semi-home-made Hawaiian plate lunches with rice, pickles, potato salad, macaroni salad and some greens.  They also serve sandwiches at Hot Sauce and Panko on the weekdays and I am looking forward to trying them out.  The have an amazing number of hot sauces for sale and a good 20-30 for you to try out.  Another reason that this place is at the top of my list right now. Our home-made panko crusted chicken made in the oven are pretty tasty, but this place wins by a wide margin.

While we were eating, we decided that this was our Volcano Curry replacement, which we are getting just a little bit tired of.  This is more a take-out window with limited seating, so the way to go is to bring the wings home.  That way you can roll right into bed after your meal.  We are planning entire parties around these wings and are already plotting to return to try other varieties real soon.  I am supposed to be eating vegan meals this week and I do not know why I am torturing myself by writing about this place. 🙂

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