June Beauties

Since no one else in my family to too enthusiastic about eggplant, these are all for me!

Wanted to share a few of our favorites from the Alemany Farmer’s Market this weekend. We think they’re almost as pretty to look at as to taste. Also, talking to one of the farmers today we learned a good tip: the best way to pick peaches, nectarines and apricots is to look for lots of freckles. The more the better because these “sugar spots” mean the fruit is going to be super sweet. This is also the case for watermelon. If you see a pronounced white patch, it indicates that the melon has been left in the field longer to ripen. Since watermelon just happens to be one of my favorite foods in the galaxy, I’m very, very excited to test this technique out.

With summer produce on the brain, we also rounded up some of our favorite summer recipes in a little recipe collection. Hope these provide a little inspiration for your family’s summer food adventures.

Last, but not least…… Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there and buon appetito!

It’s not easy to find green tomatoes around here (for fried green tomatoes of course!) — nice to see them at the market this week.

Sooo lovely and the cherries and strawberries didn’t even make the photo.

Click these happy tomatoes to see our “Summer Favorites” recipe collection.

4 thoughts on “June Beauties

  1. Theres nothing like looking at vegetable futures when you are dark, cold and heading into winter to make you feel hopeful about the prospect of spring 🙂

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