Time for Ice Cream, Corn Dogs and Frozen Bananas

Independence Day has sneaked up on us again and we wish you a week filled with plenty of popsicles, cold beer and bbq! July 4th also means it’s county fair time, one of my family’s favorite summertime rituals. We love to see the ducklings, chicks and baby pigs… the quilts, model trains and tractors. I even like browsing the odd collection of whittled art and displays of week-old, once beautiful pies. We hit the fair a few days early this year and I can happily report that 2012 was very good indeed — there were baby animals galore, my son got to pet a snake, I got to paint my very own pet rock, and we saw some truly teensy, walnut-sized hamsters (and who doesn’t love an itsy bitsy hamsters?).

But of course for me it always comes back to food and no day at the fair could be complete without our annual intake of junky carnival eats. For my husband that means sauced-up ribs or a pulled pork sandwich, some buttery corn on the cob for my cousin Ali, ice cream with rainbow sprinkles for Luca and a slushy lemonade and a corn dog with mustard for me. But no matter your preference when it comes to fair food, every member of my family would agree that you’ve gotta wash it all down with at least one chocolate-covered, frozen banana.

make your own gif

make your own gif

You might also like this red white and blue-themed guest post from 2010 from our friend Erika which involves cake baking, fun-fetti and a cherished family tradition. If you haven’t decided what to bring to that backyard bbq yet, you might give this crowd pleasing dessert a try.

One thought on “Time for Ice Cream, Corn Dogs and Frozen Bananas

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! We eat frozen chocolate covered bananas between my ice cream making. So easy and so delicious!

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