A Summer Treat: Fresh Tomato Pasta

This is a page from Stacie’s culinary world.  One of the best things about writing this blog with Stacie, is that both of us have nudged each other to venture out of our comfort zones and cook new and different things.  I admire Stacie’s ability to turn simple ingredients into delicious and amazing food.  Her creative presentation of food and ability to make things look “just right” is something I may never be able to accomplish.  The cooking, however, I will attempt.  The presentation, I leave to her.

I grew up in a family of food snobs and it is relatively rare that we approve of the food cooked outside our house.  I grew up routinely listening to my parents complain on the car drive home from dinner parties about how awful/sub-par the food at the party was.  Now, my hubby does the same (I am far kinder and more generous with my comments 🙂 ). After my parents ate at Stacie’s, they were full of compliments and almost could not believe that someone fed them such a spectacular and thoughtful meal.  For once and at last, “the food snobs” were blown away.

Stacie, this one is all you.  I almost feel guilty posting this recipe.  But, when I ate it on our recent mini-vacation at The Apple Farm in Philo and recreated it at home, I was thinking of you and how much you have taught me.  Plus, it’s summer and the markets are abundant with some pretty awesome tomatoes.  We have about 2-3 months of this dish left and we are going to make it many, many more times.

10 thoughts on “A Summer Treat: Fresh Tomato Pasta

  1. Thanks for the kind words and for cooking with me! As I was chopping a mountain of bird’s eye chiles and pulling out the fresh turmeric and pandan leaves, I was reminded how out of my comfort zone I have ventured these past couple of years, too. And the best part of all is that we both get to take our families along for the ride. Here’s to all the good times and good food ahead!

  2. I will be trying this recipe this week’s lunch. I’ve never made with balsamic vinegar and I’m very curious to try it out. Simple, but easy and delicious – that’s the best!

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