Chicken Mole at Super Cocina, San Diego

We spent a recent long weekend hanging out in San Diego. We did the “trip with kids” version: the zoo, Lego Land, the USS Midway. We did, however, have time to squeeze in a mini food adventure too and wanted to share a quick pic we snapped of the most incredible chicken mole we had from Super Cocina. It’s way, way off the beaten track and just the sort of hole in the wall place where most great, home-y food comes from.

I regret that I didn’t get to go inside to check this place out because I was waiting in the car with sleeping children, but my husband tells me they have quite the spread. We devoured our chicken mole with paper plates and plastic forks off the dinky side table in our hotel room along with a few cold cervezas.  The perfect vacation meal! The kids had the good sense to wake up long enough to sample a few bites before nodding back off to sleep.

I’ve watched a friend make mole and was completed daunted by the complexity of this dish and the sheer number of ingredients. But after eating this I’m totally tempted to dive in and try. (I sense a new food obsession coming on!) So, if you have a great mole recipe to share, or suggestions for exceptional places to eat it, I’m all ears.

One thought on “Chicken Mole at Super Cocina, San Diego

  1. I’m SOO jealous! When we went to LegoLand I made a it a point to find a Mexican restaurant — any Mexican restaurant nearby, and the one we went to was not great. This one looks fantastic. i wish we went there instead! Next time….

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