Can’t Resist These: Chile Lindo Empanadas

Chile Lindo has all the qualities we LOVE in a food adventure spot – hole in the wall, owned by a lovely sole proprietor, authentic, ethnic and super-duper delicious (most important).  Plus, kids love portable food about as much as I do.  I often lament how difficult it is to find a savory snack in the US.  Most snacks in this country are of the (over) sweet variety and sometimes you just want something savory.  On that front in particular, Chile Lindo hits the spot for us.

Stacie and I have tried our hand at making empanadas and have taught them to kids at a “portable food class” (it was an empanadas and dumplings class).  Ours are good, but no where near as good as these, that are of the Chilean variety.  Several years ago, it felt like it was impossible to find a good empanada in San Francisco, but now empanada shops are popping up everywhere. Looks like we are finally catching on.  Empanadas were just about my only pregnancy food craving and it was never fulfilled.

A great after school snack – sit in the shops’s window and share one with your kiddo or take some home for lunch/dinner and serve with a salad.  If you bring them home, reheat for 5-7 minutes at 375F.  Think outside the box, and instead of the ubiquitous birthday pizza (which we are so bored of) serve up some Chile Lindo empanadas at a birthday party.  Their menu is simple/basic, but everyone will find a few that they like.

Almost as much as the empandas, we love the window/shop out of which these delectable empanadas are served by the charming Paula Tejeda.  It almost feels “romantic” to sit at the window in the agreeable Mission weather and enjoy your treat with a cup of good coffee.  You forget you are in your own city and it feels like you have been transported to Latin America, as you enjoy the atmosphere and the food.  How’s that for a vacation without leaving home?  This is a food ‘venture we will be going on over and over again!!

8 thoughts on “Can’t Resist These: Chile Lindo Empanadas

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post about Chile Lindo Empanadas. It means a great deal to me. My customers make it all worth while, and when I read something that reflects all that I’ve been working towards–in order to create an “experience” representative of Chile at this small local–then I know I’m on the right track and it inspires me to keep going. Muchas Gracias!!

    Paula Tejeda
    Chile Lindo

  2. I’m so jealous you get to buy this delicious empanadas after school… The price is very reasonable too! I should make my own empanadas one day. I’ve seen so many recipes on the blogs but have never made one at home. You are lucky to live near this store!

    • Here is their contact information:
      Chile Lindo is located in the historic Redstone Building at:
      2944 16th Street
      San Francisco, CA 94103
      North East corner of Capp between
      So. Van Ness and Mission Street
      Main: 415. 621.6108
      Office: 415.642.8887
      Mobile: 415. 368.3328

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