Food Find: Icelandic Skyr

Move over Greek yoghurt, we are totally into Skyr.  Skyr is s the traditional yogurt of Iceland. It is made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures  It is then strained and what is left behind, is thick, luscious and super creamy.  Tough to believe that there is no fat in it.  Skyr is high in protein and generally lower in sugar than most other flavored, fruit yoghurts.  Plus, it gives you the chance to tell your kids about Iceland (which is a pretty cool country) and you will have tons of fun saying “skyr” together.

According to wikipedia, skyr can be used in a traditional Icelandic dish called hræringur (meaning “stirred” or “made by stirring”) which consists of roughly equal amounts of skyr and oat porridge. It is often mixed with jam or fruit for a dessert, or with cereals for breakfast.

Siggi’s (love the name!) yoghurts come in the usual flavors and some rather unique combinations as well (orange and ginger and acai and mixed berry).  Absolutely delightful with some museli or our special home-made granola and some berries, nectarines and/or bananas.  Yums!

It’s available pretty much everywhere.  We got ours at Whole Foods.

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