New York Adventure: Dylan’s Candy Bar

If life takes you to New York, a stop at Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Flagship Store with the little ones is an absolute must-do.  Like any “good”mother, I loathe candy stores.  As I walk in, I can feel my teeth starting to hurt (seriously), I can hear the dentist drilling into a cavity, and most annoying of all, is the constant begging for candy.  This isn’t a food adventure, it’s food torture (for me).  Nonetheless, between Dylan’s Candy Bar and a visit to Disney, I pick Dylan’s – far shorter, far cheaper and pretty amazing and memorable for the kiddos.

We visited the Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York a couple of years back and it was all that Ria remembered from the trip.  The love our family and friends showered us with was forgotten, as were all the cool places we visited and all the other very cool adventures we had.  On a return visit to New York, like any “good” mother, I took her back.  Primarily because if I did not, the whining would have killed me AND I would have missed the smiles, the sheer joy and enthusiasm emanating from the little monkey’s entire being. 🙂  After all, it is many expansive floors of candy with a candy bar/cafe at the top floor.  Even the stairs are made of candy – which is favorite of my munchkin’s.

Here are the rules we laid out for our Dylan’s visit that I suggest you try to drill into your little ones before you take them to Dylan’s:

  1. Whining/begging for candy will result in immediate departure from store
  2. There is a limit to number of things you can buy (three items in our case and this led to some debate/negotiation)
  3. There is a limit to how much you are allowed to spend ($10 in our case.  Yes, I am cheap when it comes to candy)
  4. You can sample whatever they offer – it’s free and will hopefully satisfy your candy needs and stop the begging for more than allowed
  5. We will NOT be eating at the cafe/bar – there are too many amazing places to eat in New York and eating at a candy store is not my idea of a good meal
  6. We will only spend X amount of time in the store, otherwise you cannot buy what you picked out, so manage your time well (30 minutes in our case and I set the timer on my phone)
  7. You can get as excited as you want, but please do not break anything or get overly excited and push or shove people (it is crowded in there)
  8. Make good decisions about what you buy (as if there are “good” decisions to make, but I had to throw that one in there)

I am open to other suggestions for our next visit so please send them our way.   We repeat the rules over and over again on our way to the store and I am pleased to report we that we adhered to most of them.  Rules aside, Ria was the proverbial “kid in a candy store” (which is pretty adorable) in this mega excessive, over the top candy shop and she is already planning our return visit…..

2 thoughts on “New York Adventure: Dylan’s Candy Bar

  1. Next time skip Dylan’s and go to the real deal, Economy Candy, on the lower east side and it’s been around forever. About 1/3 the price of Dylan’s and no merchandising, but a lot more “real”. We go to NY a lot and the girls always beg for Dylan’s. We now go windowshop at Dylan’s, but buy at Economy. And another really interesting candy place is PapaBubble, down in Soho. Make hard candies right on site so you can observe the process. Very interesting flavors and beautiful stuff.

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