Food Find: Kouign Amann

On a recent food adventure in Marin, Stacie and I took turns running into and scoping out Rustic Bakery in Larkspur.  The little ones feel asleep in the car and missed out (their loss) on checking out this super cute cafe/bakery.

Stacie came back to the car with this amazingly buttery confection and said “I don’t know what it is, and I can’t quite pronounce it name!” 🙂 I vaguely remembered reading about this pastry in some magazines and a quick google search on our phones lead to us to figuring out that it was a kouign amann.  According to 7×7 magazine, the first word “kouign” is pronounced “queen,” and the second part, “amann,” is pronounced like the capital of Jordan, Amman.  It’s a delightful (though a little heavy) round confection, similar to a croissant, made with salted butter with a layer of sugar folded into each layer of butter.  It’s basically, in my humble opinion an amped-up circular, cake-shaped, complex, salty-sweet croissant.

Don’t eat the whole thing by yourself (there’s probably a whole week’s worth of fat in there), but do have it with some dark, strong coffee (milk for the little ones).   Apparently, it is increasingly available around San Francisco and you may not have to trek all the way to Larkspur to try this delectable uber-treat!

One thought on “Food Find: Kouign Amann

  1. Good Kouign Amans are oh-so-difficult to come by but it is one of my favorite treats. The good ones shouldn’t be cake-y but they should have the flaky layers of croissants, be caramelized around the edges, taste buttery like brioche and break away in crusty chunks. Oh I do love my kouign amans. You’ll have to plan a trip to Brittany to taste the real thing. It’s one of the few sweet things I leave to professionals – too easy to mess up.

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