Mission Cheese: Celebrating American Artisan Cheese

My little one adores Mission Cheese and you will often find us there partaking in an after school snack of cheese and bread (fancy Della Fattoria bread).  And wine for Mummy, if it has been “one of those days” – which it often has ;).

American cheese has come a long way since all we knew were the orange blocks of Kraft cheddar.  The cheese featured is from all over the country with some well-known cheese makers and some we have never heard of.  You can purchase cheese to take home for a cheese-plate playdate, but we love picking a few and eating right there.  You can choose specific cheeses for your platter from a region (California, Midwest or Vermont).  Or you can tell the cheese monger what you like/don’t like and they will surprise you.  We often pick to be surprised.  On our last visit, we were presented with a very orange, ten year old cheddar that I would have never picked myself, that turned out to be absolutely fantastic.

If you are feeling like more than just cheese and bread, they offer some pretty delectable grilled cheese sandwiches like the “California Gold” (San Joaquin Gold, chevre, prosciutto, fig preserves). Yum!  Or if you feel so inclined, try the raclette, which is a Swiss concoction of melted raclette cheese over roasted potatoes, topped with cornichons.  The mac and cheese, which is a secret house recipe is probably one of the best in the city and not to be missed if you are looking to turn the snack into dinner.

The Mission Cheese space is clean and modern.  A little small, so not great for big groups of kids, but works well for a 2-3 children playdate.  Perhaps, a little nibble of cheese before you head to Dolores Park?  We love to snag a table on the outside when the weather is agreeable and people/animal watch (The Mission Pet Hospital is right there).  It closes early at 8 pm, but since we go with our little ones, we are totally fine with it.

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