The Great San Francisco Chocolate Adventure

chocolate lab

Since reading 7×7 magazine’s article on San Francisco’s Chocolatiers (Three SF Chocolatiers Break Out of Their Boxes), I have been on a mission to check out all of the mentioned chocolatiers with the munchkin.  The little one and I are not getting much time these days for food adventures – with school and all the other things we have going on.  However, we did make it out recently with some friends (on a random day off school) and relived our very fun preschool days, when life was easier and all we did was gallivant all over town trying new foods.

The three on the list are:  Recchiuti Chocolate Lab (in the Dogpatch), Dandelion Chocolate (in the Mission) and Charles Chocolates (also in the Mission).  We only made it to and survived the first two.  Charles’ has been saved for another day.  This adventure was obviously an easy sell to the children, and I am sure they were thinking that, “the mummies have taken a hit to their heads, but let’s go along with it”.


First stop – Chocolate Lab in the wonderful Dogpatch neighborhood, which just keeps getting cooler and hipper by the second.  We had not been for months and already a bunch of new shops and eating establishments have sprouted up.  The Chocolate Lab is housed in a striking blue building which was built in 1886.  We admired the building later – first we had to try the Chocolate Lab’s offerings.  The toughest part is deciding what to get – because as much we do not like to admit it, there is a limit to how much rich, yummy chocolate one can eat.  We settled for the Chocolate Lab Cake (good but very, very rich and dense) and the Dark Milk Chocolate Tartlette, which was ridiculously good and the children ran off to another table with it, so we hardly got any.  They also serve savory dishes if you happen to overdose on chocolate and need something else.

After an amble around the neighborhood, checking out several other foodie places that dot the neighborhood, and telling the kids that there was no way they could have Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous ice-cream on top of all that chocolate, we made our way to the Mission for lunch and then on to Dandelion Chocolate.


For starters, Dandelion Chocolate smells divine because it is actually a factory-cafe.  To be honest, I could eat no more chocolate after the Chocolate Lab and lunch, but the kids were ready, as was my friend (???)  At least, we convinced the kiddos to get little treats and a small real hot chocolate (like you get in Europe that is practically liquid chocolate) that everyone (but me) shared.  I am not sure how I thought we could check out all 3 chocolate places in one day?!  They also have a giant chalkboard at Dandelion, which the children enjoyed drawing on while the mamas chatted.

We have Charles’ left to check out and I am sure we will be back at the other two chocolatiers very shortly (like today!) to try the rest of their concoctions.

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