More Family Dinnertime Journaling

Dinnertime Journal | A Little Yumminess

Here’s what two years of family dinners look like in our family. Just after our littlest guy Matteo was born, we started this family journal project where we take a few minutes just to hang out at the the dinner table (dirty dishes and all) to talk, draw, be silly and  record whatever doodles and thoughts that come to mind. When we remember, we also do our best to record those little milestones and highlights — achieving a new ribbon at swimming class; a first haircut; an important event at work; the kids’ new words and tricks; something cool we saw, ate or did.

I guess as much as I love the tinkering and tasting, what really draws me to food is its ability to bring people together and I think this hodge podge of a journal brings that home for me. It’s so cool to see all these memories stacking up higher and higher and very fun to go back and see what we were doing and talking about (and eating!) last month….. or last year.

Family Dinnertime Journal | A Little Yumminess

There’s more about this project here and here and if you want to start your own, it’s easy. Just buy a package of index cards (we like the big ones) and whatever pencils, pens or drawing tools you like. A pair of kid friendly scissors and a glue stick are handy in case the urge to collage comes over you (and little ones always love to practice cutting and gluing). Find a pretty bowl that you don’t mind looking at and stick all your supplies right on the table so you won’t forget about them. Get everyone to participate, even any guests you may have over and if you run into writers block just throw out a question (what’s your favorite food? what food would you not touch with a ten foot pole? what would you do on your dream vacation?) and let everyone write or draw their answer.

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