Fun with Easter Eggs

We’ve got Easter egg fever here at Casa Stacie!

Glow in the dark Easter Egg hunt | A Little Yumminess

Easter Egg Sculptures and Instant Pysanka by A Little Yumminess

I loved these little egg statues that conjure up Alexander Girard’s famous wooden dolls from the blog called Mr. Printables, so we made some of our own.

On a recent shopping trip to an Eastern European corner market, we snagged these pretty floral shrink wrappers from the counter for about a buck. Instant fake pysanka (the famous Ukranian Easter eggs)! We decided to blow out our eggs instead of using hard boiled and made them into festive little ornaments.

And the whole family has been jumping in on nightly glow in the dark egg hunts. Just slip in some of those LED tea lights into plastic eggs and you’re off. We pull out this game from time to time throughout the year too — highly recommended cheap fun for a rainy afternoon.

You might also like these Faberge-inspired Easter egg ornaments we made a couple of years ago with items rummaged from around our kitchen.

Kitchen Faberge_Easter Eggs

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