Citrus Sweet, Citrus Sour

Citrus Love by A Little Yumminess


Over the last few months we’ve devoured bags of cuties, puckered up for tangelos, peeled navel orange after navel orange, and cooked up a storm with meyer lemons from my mom and dad’s tree. But our favorite citrus of the season has to be the elusive sumo orange. Not easy to find, but well worth the hunt, sumos are lumpy and knobby (dare I say ugly?) on the outside but oh so easy to peel for even the youngest orange enthusiasts. Seedless, with super delicate, easy to chew membranes they have an obsession-inducing sweet-tart taste that is truly divine. Nirvana for citrus lovers.

Sumo Time | A Little Yumminess

This little guy had his sumo peeled in record time.

cuties 2013 - A Little Yumminess

More evidence of our citrus obsession.

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