Food Find: Cinnamon Toast @ The Mill


Recently opened, The Mill in NOPA is a joint venture between Josey Baker Bread and Four Barrel Coffee.  It a welcoming, clean, open and fresh space, that if it had internet access no one would ever leave.

We stopped for by for an after school snack of cinnamon toast (shared) and coffee (for mama).  Cinnamon toast is a current hot favorite of our little one’s and Josey’s bread takes it to a whole different level.  According to the Serious Eats website – here’s the recipe – “thick cut bread that’s warm enough to melt tons of butter from McClelland’s Dairy in Petaluma, a generous sprinkle of crunchy organic sugar and cinnamon, and a flurry of Maldon sea salt.”.  The salt does work wonders and we are going to try and recreate this at home real soon.  Of course, with some of Josey’s bread that we buy from The Mill. 🙂

PS: The Pioneer Woman has a really fun, funny and informative post on how to make Cinnamon toast at home. It’s a pretty simple, who would have thought there were so many ways to get it right or wrong?

5 thoughts on “Food Find: Cinnamon Toast @ The Mill

  1. Aw yum!!!!! I am in love with anything cinnamon flavoured, and this toast looks like crispy cinnamon perfection 🙂 Thanks for sharing the bake-at-home link… argh, I might refrain from looking at it for now or I’ll be rushing to the kitchen 😉 Thanks again lovely x

  2. I’ve been making cinnamon toast the absolutely wrong way for years now. I’m mortified!!! Time to mend my ways. Thanks for this!!

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