Garden Sushi

Garden Sushi Handroll

Here’s some artsy “garden sushi” that Luca and I made one afternoon during spring break. Our yard is a complete and absolute wreck at the moment (too many food adventures, not enough gardening!), but I was amazed at how much we managed to scavenge and I was struck as I always am by the creativity that comes so naturally to kids.

We got the inspiration to make this sushi after visiting the beautiful annual floral extravaganza, Bouquets to Art at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, where more than 100 florists take over the galleries and create works that respond to pieces in the museum’s collection. Not surprisingly it was a pair of food-related pieces in the show that caught my eye — a “still life” tea service and a wonderfully realistic platter of orchid-topped sushi. All I had to do was suggest the idea of garden sushi and Luca was off and running, dashing around the yard to collect bits and pieces and arranging them with care in our bento box. Lest we sound too refined….. as soon as I was able to snap a picture of our sushi masterpiece, it was buried under a heap of dirt from an awaiting dump truck never to be seen again.

Garden Sushi Bento by A Little Yumminess

Bouquets to Art - De Young Museum 2013 copy

Scenes from Bouquets to Art 2013, de Young Museum

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