Food Find: Fraiche Yoghurt


We are sort of over our “fro-yo obsession”.  The daily after school snack at Tutti Melon and other fro-yo establishments, is a thing of the past.  Most frozen yoghurt feels like a healthy snack, but I am not quite sure it really is.  It is laden with sugar, even though it is often “low-fat” for “fat-free” and creates the illusion of being good for you.  Though, from time to time we do stop by at Fraiche for our fix of some great, real yoghurt.

Fraiche’s yoghurt is homemade, organic, and fresh.  All of their European-style yogurts are made from scratch, in-house using local Clover organic milk and a special probiotic-focused culture.  Those yoghurts are then turned into their amazing frozen yoghurt.  It is pricier than than the run of the mill yoghurt shop, with far fewer flavors (think 4 at the most) and that excessive self-serve topping bar does not quite exist here (yay! no gummies/fruity pebbles on kiddo’s yoghurt!).  Their toppings are “civilized” and appropriate yoghurt topping like fresh-cut fruits, local honeys and purees, toasted nuts, homemade granola, and hand-shaved Callebaut chocolate.

Our favorite: original/plain or mango with toasted almonds.  Now that’s a good snack – “wholesome, delicious, and incredibly good for you”. 🙂


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