Dinner Club: Soup for Supper @ 18 Reasons


With the munchkins in school, we don’t get the opportunity to go on as many food adventures during the day.  Some time ago, we came up with idea of a periodic dinner adventure with the kids – trying new cuisines and restaurants around San Francisco.  Going for an early dinner is a great idea, because it mixes up the routine and saves parents the drudgery of everyday dinner cooking and clean-up at home.  If you can pull it off, it is best to bathe the kids before dinner, so bedtime is pretty much as soon as you get home. 🙂

Last night, we checked out Soup for Supper at 18 Reasons for a totally family-friendly and fun evening.  18 Reasons hosts “Soup for Supper” once a month and you can drop by anytime between 6-8PM for a bowl of vegetarian goodness and slice of crusty bread (and a beer/wine  for the parents if you like!).  It’s fast – you order at the counter, hearty and delicious (we had a lovely minestrone which the munchkins inhaled), inexpensive ($5/bowl) and the space is open and welcoming for the kids (with room to “run around” and explore).  The kids were talking about going back next month, which is always a good sign!


And of course, Bi-Rite Creamery is right next door, and as a treat (for eating the vegetable laden soup), the kids shared (with some help from me), an enormous brownie sundae!  Hooray for dinner club!

brownie sundae

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