Food Find: Suite Foods Waffle Shop


Summer break is here and we have many, many food adventures to go on.  During the school year, we are unable to check out as many new food joints as we would like to, so the grand plan is to make up our “food adventure” deficit over the summer.

We kicked things off right by a visit to Suite Foods Waffle Shop on Cortland Avenue located on the very adorable Bernal Hill main retail area.  It’s hard to go wrong with a sweet treat coupled with a little tour to Belgium.  According to Inside Scoop SF,  Suite Foods has been selling its Liege-style waffles in stores like Whole Foods, as well as at cafes, such as at pop-ups at Contraband Coffee in Nob Hill.  This is their first (mini) store-front.  I was unaware that Belgian style waffles are made more of a yeasted dough versus the American style batter that many of us are more familiar with.  The dough is full of pearl sugar pieces that melt under the heat of the waffle machine and create a caramelized outside – which Belgian waffles are famous for.  There is also no need for syrup, as the waffle is sweet enough on its own.

You can also order your waffle with a poached egg, whipping cream or frozen custard.  We got ours plain this time though I am sure the option with frozen custard is ridiculously good. Next time!


Suite Foods is one of the five shops located in the mini marketplace that is 331 Cortland and they took over the spot from Bernal Cutlery (love them!) after they graduated to a bigger space.  331 Cortland has been the starting place for many a well-known San Francisco food and food related businesses.  We cannot wait to go back and try the treats from Ethiopia and Russia.


2 thoughts on “Food Find: Suite Foods Waffle Shop

  1. Wow. I wish I lived close to this waffle shop! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a proper, sugary Belgian waffle. Most of the ones I’ve eaten taste rather plain without lashings of maple syrup and cream. I also love Piroshki!!! Ah, those five shops in one are a match made in heaven!

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