A Little Slice of Hawaii: Takahashi Market (San Mateo, CA)

Hawaiian Food Adventure at Takahashi Maret in San Mateo

Sachi's Kitchen - Takahashi Market San Mateo CA

When we’re craving a little bit of Hawaii, one sure remedy is a trip to Takahashi Market in San Mateo, CA. We discovered this place a few months ago when we were planning a day of sunshine down the peninsula to escape the fog back at home. Such a fun place to stop off for a plate lunch  or browse for some Island goodies to stock up your pantry. If you’re looking for fresh taro, frozen poi, seaweed and spices to flavor up your poke (Hawaiian-style diced raw fish), you’ll find it all here.

Sachi’s Kitchen, which is located right inside the market is the real deal for Hawaiian plate lunches and eating out front at the picnic tables somehow feels just as authentic as the food itself (although no stunning beach views unfortunately). Get your mac salad and scoop of rice with kalua pork, teriyaki or kalbi; dive into a plate loco moco; nibble on a variety of poke or musubi (kind of like giant sushi rolls); and finish off with some tropical mochi. My kids were all over the linguica musubi (they’re part Portuguese after all) and have been asking me for a return trip to Takahashi Market. I guess it’s time to head back, oh darn! The only thing I found myself wishing for at Sachi’s Kitchen was a refreshing mound of shave ice to complete my island cravings. They don’t make shave ice, but the good news is that they do sell the syrups in case you happen to have a shave ice maker at home.

This is our very favorite kind of food adventure, there’s absolutely nothing fancy or high maintenance about it — just good grub made by very nice people that makes everyone smile.

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Hawaii Food Adventure - Takahashi Market in San Mateo CA

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