Food Find: Dutch Pancakes at Outerlands

dutch pancakes

The wait for brunch on weekends at Outerlands in the Outer Sunset is brutal, but like the wait for all good things, it is well worth it.  The hubby is always reluctant to stand in line for brunch, because he doesn’t think you can really do anything that is too stellar for brunch.  However, after our brunch at Outerlands, he stands corrected (Hooray).  I always think if there is a line (or queue as I used to call it), it must be good and I gravitate towards any food establishment with a line.  Get there early (before opening time) with the kiddos and hope for good weather because the Outer Sunset is notoriously foggy.  We lucked out and had a glorious, sunny day and that made the waiting far more pleasant.  Though, I am a true San Franciscan and a “little” fog doesn’t scare me off. 🙂

The whole menu is amazing and their bread (which you can buy a loaf of) is ridiculously good, but we fell in love with the Dutch Pancakes.  They come sweet (with fresh strawberries) or savory (bacon) and you can add maple syrup or house-made ricotta to either.  I did some research and these fluffy, light delights are of German-American origin.  So they aren’t from Holland (as I thought), and the Dutch got in there, as a corruption of the German “deutsch” which means “German”.  🙂  It is more of a popover than a pancake and made in a cast iron or metal pan. Acquiring a cast iron skillet has long been on  my “to-buy” list and this concoction might finally lead me to buying one.

Here are some links to Dutch Pancake recipes that are on my radar:

Blueberry Dutch Pancakes by Martha Stewart

Dutch Baby Pancakes by Martha Stewart

German Pancakes by Smitten Kitchen

Gingerbread Dutch Baby – by Tasty Kitchen

Lazy Weekend Dutch Baby Pancakes – Kitchen Wench

A collection of Dutch Pancakes on Tastespotting

I am hoping Stacie will try some of these before me and invite us over.  🙂

Outerlands as described on their website – Outerlands is a gathering place for sea goers who seek warmth, shelter, food, and fellowship. It is a retreat from the saltwater chill, or a place to hang your hat after a long day’s frolic in the sun. This is a space built by the community of sea dwellers on the sandy fringes of San Francisco: a haven nestled amidst the vast landscape of Ocean Beach.

A true haven it is – with a cup of coffee and this Dutch pancake, you will want to keep returning.

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