Summer Food Find – Noosa Yoghurt


One of our “favoritest summer discoveries” has to be Noosa yoghurt.  We had heard about it from a friend who lives in Colorado, and when we were finally able to purchase it here in California, we were super  thrilled.

First of all – a great and unforgettable name for a yoghurt brand.  Apparently, Noosa is a beautiful seaside town Down Under (wait till I tell the little one!) and the founders crafted their recipe there, before they landed in Colorado to make this lovely and luscious concoction.  Secondly, it is super-delicious thick Greek Yoghurt made with the finest milk, honey and fruits that they can find.  And finally, the flavors (we LOVE mango and honey) are amazing and the yoghurt is only lightly sweetened with some honey.

Plus, I am envisioning this creamy stuff is a topping for some late summer fruit crumbles….move over ice-cream!!

One thought on “Summer Food Find – Noosa Yoghurt

  1. Aw, when I saw this yoghurt I thought it was an Aussie brand!! Noosa is a gorgeous place and this yoghurt seems to reflect its beauty perfectly. But… now I’ve seen how beautiful it is and I’ll have to live with the disappointment that I can’t actually buy it ‘Down Under’. Sad day. Looks like a gorgeous flavour combination too 🙂

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