Re-Growing Lemongrass

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Re growing Lemon Grass_ A Little Yumminess

There’s nothing like the heavenly scent of lemongrass — possibly the greatest smell in the world — not to mention the delicious south Asian curries and soups that await with fresh lemongrass right out of the garden. What’s cool is that it’s a super low-maintenance plant, it’s a lush and bushy addition to a garden bed and it’s a snap to re-grow from stalks you buy from the supermarket or farmers’ market. I’ve also read that lemongrass is a natural mosquito repellent. Yay for that!

So the next time you have a few leftover stalks of lemongrass, you’re halfway there. Just trim back the green tops about half way and set bulb/root ends in a jar of water. In a few weeks the tops will shoot up (way up) and you’ll see thin white roots emerge (my kids thought this was pretty neat). Once the roots come in, transplant your lemongrass in a sunny spot in your garden and give it regular water. For those of us with temperate climates lemon grass will be happy outside year round. If it’s getting cold where you are, plant in a container (at least 16″ across) and keep your lemongrass inside by a sunny window during the colder months. Once your lemongrass gets really big you can divide the plant and keep going….  or better yet, share a garden-ready plant with a friend.

Harvest your lemongrass by cutting off stalks near the root end and then give one of these tasty recipes a try!

Thai Lemongrass, Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup

Nasi Campur_Indonesian Curry - A Little Yumminess

Indonesian Kare Ayam

Fresh Lime & Lemon Grass Soda (Follow the basic recipe and flavor your simple syrup with some lemon grass!)

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