Food Find: Chocolate Babka @ Wise Sons


I have been trying to do some research to figure out the origin and history of the “chocolate babka”.  The “babka” seems to be of Eastern European origin, but the “chocolate babka” may be a mid-century American Jewish invention (according to a brilliant article on the babka in the Atlantic Monthly).  Origin and history aside, this stuff is GOOD.  Hurry over to Wise Sons this weekend (or on any weekday you are playing hookey from life) to try this ridiculous confection.  Your children may just love you a little more after you share this gorgeous little treat with them.



3 thoughts on “Food Find: Chocolate Babka @ Wise Sons

  1. I just recently read a wonderful book called “The Storeyteller” by Jodi Picoult. It’s a complex story about the holcaust and survivors and guilt and endurance but there are many references to Chocolate Babka in it. The main character is a baker…

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