Glen Park Romp: Glen Canyon Park and Destination Baking Company


School is always out for some reason or the the other, and we have decided that we will always make the best of it and treat it like a vacation day for both the kiddos and parents.  It was a beautiful, sunny San Francisco day this past Monday off, and we took the munchkins for a run around in Glen Canyon Park.  Every time, we are in wide open spaces, I realize how much children need and enjoy them.  They ran, they played tag, they balanced on logs and explored every nook and cranny of the park.  We could have stayed forever, if not for Matteo, who got “hangry” (genius combination of “hungry” and “angry”).  And if you know Matteo well, he should patent that word. 🙂


We made our way up to Destination Baking Company to rid ourselves of the “hangry pangs”.  It’s a neat little bakery in what feels like a village (“downtown” Glen Park).  It’s all sun and smiles and you walk in and are greeted by some super inviting baked treats.  The smarter thing to do would have been to pick up some delicious empanadas and other treats from the bakery before our “run around” in the park and eaten there. Next time, that is what we will do, though sitting and enjoying your treats in this sun-filled bakery is lovely as well.  I cannot say enough good things about this very under-the-radar San Francisco bakery.  Everything is super-yummy and reasonably sized (no giant tarts and croissants here!) and priced, and it is a business you feel great about supporting.  As we were leaving they gave us some day old bread for free.  Apparently, that what they do on Mondays.  After stuffing ourselves at the bakery, we spent some time exploring the other businesses and have decided we loved the little bookstore (Bird & Beckett) and the very-gourmet Canyon Market.

This entire adventure is begging for a do-over!

3 thoughts on “Glen Park Romp: Glen Canyon Park and Destination Baking Company

  1. Yeah! This is my hood and we love the GP canyon and soon to be finished new playground! The food options are wonderful in our little village.

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