Super Quick Glowing Eyeball Halloween Craft

Rock Star Pumpkin_Happy Halloween.jpg.

Boo! from our rock star-themed pumpkin

Just a quickie to wish everyone out there a Happy Halloween and to share a fun little last minute craft that’s obviously perfect for Halloween…. but if you ask my boys eyeballs are totally cool anytime of year! This little project is cheap, quick to make, not too scary, and something even the little ones can get in on.

Glowing Eyeballs

  • Ping pong balls
  • LED Flameless tealights (we got ours at Target)
  • Sharpie permanent markers
  • Xacto knife
  1. Have an adult use an Xacto knife to cut a small “x” in each of your ping pong balls
  2. Slip each ping pong ball onto the “flame” part of a tealight
  3. Decorate with whatever funny, crazy, silly eyeball designs you like

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A Little Yumminess_Halloween Craft_Glowing Eyeballs.jpg

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